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Why are we here? To love one another!

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One of my favorite poems:

Each lifetime is the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
For some there are more pieces.
For others the puzzle is more difficult to assemble.
Some seem to be born with a nearly completed puzzle.
And so it goes
Souls going this way and that
Trying to assemble the myriad parts.

But know this - no one has within themselves
All the pieces to their puzzle
Like before the days when they used to seal
Jigsaw puzzles in cellophane. Insuring that
All the pieces were there.

Everyone carries with them at least one and probably
Many pieces to someone else's puzzle.
Sometimes they know it
Sometimes they don't.

And when you present your piece
Which is worthless to you,
To another, whether you know it or not,
Whether they know it or not,
You are a messenger of the Most High.

E-mail me, so we can exchanges pieces of our puzzles!


(I Have a Choice)

JUST FOR TODAY I will try to live through this day only, not tackling my whole life problem at once. I can do something at this moment that would appall me if I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime.

JUST FOR TODAY I will try to be happy, realizing that my happiness does not depend on what others do or say, or what happens around me. Happiness is a result of being at PEACE with myself.

JUST FOR TODAY I will try to adjust myself to what is - and not force everything to adjust to my own desires. I will accept my family, my friends, my business, my circumstances as they come.

JUST FOR TODAY I will take care of my physical health; I will exercise my mind; I will read something spiritual.

JUST FOR TODAY I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out - if anyone knows of it, it will not count. I shall do at least one thing I don't want to do, and I will perform some small act of love for my neighbor.

JUST FOR TODAY I will try to go out of my way to be kind to someone I meet; I will be agreeable; I will look as well as I can, dress becomingly, talk low, act courteously, criticize not one bit, not find fault with anything, and not try to improve or regulate anybody except myself.

JUST FOR TODAY I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. I will save myself from two pests - hurry and indecision.

JUST FOR TODAY I will stop saying, "If I had time." I never will "find time" for anything. If I want time, I must take it.

JUST FOR TODAY I will have a quiet time of meditation wherein I shall think of God as I understand Him, of myself, and of my neighbor. I shall relax and seek truth.

Just FOR TODAY I shall be unafraid. Particularly, I shall be unafraid to be happy, to enjoy what is good, what is beautiful, and what is lovely in life.

JUST FOR TODAY I will accept myself and live to the best of my ability.

JUST FOR TODAY I choose to believe that I can live this one day.


Don't let anyone live in your head rent free!

Anger internalized causes depression.

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God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

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