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My Persian Cat

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Billy Boots

Above you will see my beautiful cat: Billy Boots - gray smoke Persian
with white boots! He's my adorable, much loved kitty kat! Sadly he
traveled to Heaven in June 2000. We miss him so! I miss him being at
my feet at night sleeping. I miss his kisses! I miss his beauty. To
learn more about him, see his website on Purina Cat Chow.

More Photos of Billy Boots

I found my owner...
I'm from a breeder in Va Beach. My Mum missed one of her favorite shows - Friends - on tv just to pick me up.
My personality...
I sleep alot, but when up, I'm extremely playful. I have many dogs to play with in the house. One barks at me everytime I sit on the window in the vaulted ceiling that overlooks the living room from the bedroom. Maggie barks at me because I've already used up 2 of my 9 lives by jumping down from this window! She's informs my Mum that I'm getting ready to jump. She's just jealous she's not a cat!
The most unusual thing I do...
I like to open the bedroom door myself by getting a running start and running towards the door and jumping up and pushing down on the lever on the door and out I go to investigate the house.
I'm unique because...
I like being the only cat who has the master bedroom all to myself. The dogs aren't allowed in my room. I also like to drink from the faucet in the bathroom rather than the bowl.
What makes me purr...
I like to purr when Mummie is paying attention to only me and scratching my chin.
My favorite place to sleep...
I like to sleep under the covers in the winter and sometimes on my owners head! Wendy is so warm!
To get my owner's attention, I sometimes...
When my bowl is close to empty I inform my owner by meowing till she can't stand it anymore. I don't like eating the last few pebbles, I ask her to throw them out.
My owner doesn't know I...
My owner doesn't know I sleep on her husband's pillow, oh it's so soft and cozy
My owner pampers me by
I get to drink out of the faucet.
My favorite toy
My favorite toy is a scratcher on the floor that has a ball that goes around in circles around it when I push it.
My owner doesn't understand why I...
Why I don't eat the last few pebbles of my food.
My favorite hiding place is...
Under the bed
My favorite quote is...
Pamper me, I'm royalty you know!



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