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      get the very best of two worlds.  Here is




Born and bred for their easy going, sure footed gait

–and, temperament too.  That’s the Missouri



The foxtrotting horse at first could do it all.  Then

In the show ring something changed.  Many breeders

emphasized front end drive. Shake and hard gait

was the flavor of the day.  As it sometimes still is.

And, that works well for riding down the road in the

hill country east of the rocky mountains.


YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.  Here at Flying N

we are raising Missouri Foxtrotting horses that can

cut a cow, rope a steer, climb a steep mountain, haul

an elk or just plain boogie down the trail with ease

and comfort.  And, what’s more, do well in the show

ring too.  We call them “all around good hands”

with four wheel drive.                                                                            


THEY LOOK GOOD as well, the kind of horses that people are proud to own.  By finding the very best mares

with the right bloodlines, we have built a strong foundation with our stallion, Cloud’s Checkmate. His winning

prodigy can be found in all western states and as far east as Massachusetts. (Check out his impressive resume by clicking link)


You can find top quality show animals, and excellent finished trail or versatility horses.  Our horses tend to be refined,

balanced and good minded with excellent confirmation. We have a variety of color as well.  Please drop by or give us a call.



                                                                                  Don and Mena Nebeker

                                                                                    10131 South 670 West

                                                                                      Paradise, Utah 84228

                                                                                         (435) 245-5678



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