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The Magnificent Stallion: Checkmate stands 16 hands. He is jet black, except for a snip and a star. He is short coupled with a long shoulder; good withers set, and a neck that extends high out of the shoulder. His head is small and refined with a keen and kind eye. He is deep girthed with conformation that exemplifies the breed. He has a long overreach, showy headshake, and foxtrots naturally, with ease and speed. He is capable of a smooth and flowing running walk that will cover the country in short time. He exhibits a lot of stamina, is strong and will go anywhere. His offspring all have his most desirable characteristics, including his easygoing temperament.

Checkmate holds the record throughout the intermountain area for producing winning get. Checkmate’s offspring have won World Championships, World High point Awards, numerous Grand Championships and Best of Show as well as many purple, blue and other ribbons and national high point awards in Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Washington states. His sire is World Grand Champion Black Cloud. Several of Checkmate’s own sons and Grandsons are currently standing at stud throughout the West.

With his superior conformation, natural gaits, outstanding bloodlines, and quiet capable manner, Checkmate is proven to be a wise cross on most any mare. You can pay alot to buy a champion, as some do, are you can raise one of your own here.







Checkmate's Latigo N. Grand Champion

Checkmate’s Latigo N. 1st Futurity

Checkmate's Top Hand N

Checkmate's Domino

Checkmate's R Princess Dottie


Checkmate's Miss Fancy N 1st Futurity

Checkmate’s Miss Fancy N. Reserve Champion Model

Checkmate's Princess Annie

Checkmate's Crown Jewel

Checkmate's Lakota Scout N

 Performance Breeder’s Cup

Checkmate's Top Hand N, Reserve Champion

Checkmate's Cimarron

Checkmate's Latigo N

Checkmate's Magic

Checkmate's Naughty Toddy


Checkmate's Gunsmoke N, Breeder's Cup

Checkmate's Cowboy N, Breeder's Cup

Checkmate's Rocket, Breeder's Cup

Checkmate's Princess Annie

 Performance. Breeder's CUP

Checkmate's Fire & Ice N, 1st Place

Checkmate's Misty Bay, 2nd Place

Checkmate's Tiffany, 3rd Place


Checkmate's Latigo N, Best of Breed

Checkmate’s Latigo N. 1st Model

Checkmate's Miss Fancy N, 1st Model

Checkmate's Fire & Ice

Checkmate's Top Hand, 1st Youth, 2nd Novice

 Great Western Celebration

Checkmate’s Fire & Ice N 5th Open Grand Champion

Checkmate’s Miss Fancy N 2nd 2 yr Model Filly

Checkmate’s Latigo N 2nd 2 yr Model Colt





Checkmate's Cowboy N, Grand Champion

Latigo's Rio Bravo N, 3rd Breeder's Cup

Checkmate's Rowdy Outlaw N, 2nd BC


Checkmate’s Cowboy N, 1st, BC old 2 yr

Checkmate's Lakota Scout, 1st BC 3 yr old

Checkmate's Gunsmoke, 2nd, BC 2 yr old

Checkmate's Cimarron

Checkmate's Misty Bay

Checkmate's Stormy

Checkmate's Star Shooter

Latigo's Yellow Jacket

 Utah State Fair

Latigo's Oquirrh Chief, Reserve champion


Checkmate’s Flying Colours N.1st Place BC Yearling Filly

Checkmate’s Flying Colours N.  Open yearling Model

Latigo’s Rio Bravo N. 1st Place Model Championship

Checkmate’s Sundance N. 3rd B C yearling Filly


Checkmate’s Cat Dancing N.  Junior Model Champion

Checkmate’s Cat Dancing N.  Breeder’s Cup Yearling Fillies

Checkmate’s Sundance N. Breeder’s Cup 2 year old performance

Checkmate’s Star Shooter Breeder’s Cup 2 year old performance

Checkmate’s Cat Dancing N. Open yearlings Model

Checkmate’s Star Shooter Model Stallions

Checkmate’s All That Jazz N  Open foxtrot

 MFTHBA Year end High Point Awards:

Checkmate’s Star Shooter (open Foxtrot)

Latigo’s Rio Bravo N. (Model Stallions)

 Pacific Northwest Foxtrotter Show:

Checkmate’s Star Shooter Champion 2 year old Model

Latigo’s Rio Bravo N.  Champion 2 gait

 Big sky Foxtrotter Association:

Checkmate’s Star Shooter  Regional Grand Champion Model


*Not in any particular order. Please excuse us if we missed your horse or its placement.

 *Not a complete list. During the past few years, Checkmate's foals have own too many awards to list. Including World Champion, Circuit Champion and World High point awards.