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Jack's Pics and Videos

The family before Jack's delivery!

Mommy before the big moment

Jack's first day on earth

I'm ok, really!

Together at last!

Catching up on some much needed rest!

That's one excited boy!

I'm ready to go home now!

Gracie just loves her new brother!

Hallie's turn in the spotlight

Hallie loves to help feed Jack

Jack's loving that bottle!

Mommy loves this hair!

Gotta stretch them legs!

Think happy thoughts!

Man, these smell good!

It's official--I'm tired!

Jack and his Marmie

Mommy and her Jack

I can have a crying fit too, can't I?

Daddy loves his new boy

Hallie testing out Jack's pacifier

Yep, it works!

This is JJ's old outfit

I just thought of something wonderful!

Hi five!

How much air can I suck in?

OK, OK! Enough pictures already!

Are you still there?

Jack's videos

click here for Quicktime video of Jack

Windows Media Player format videos

moments after Jack's birth

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