Filking through the conspiracies of life

Archivist's Picks

Well, I'm it. I'm the archivist. So I get to choose who is cleverest, who is smartest, who has the best filks around.


And when my army of evil Krycek clones takes over the world, these are the songs you'll be forced to sing, over and over, as you mine the earth of its last valuable resources.

What? You think I'm kidding?

Here are the archivist's picks for now (they may change, depending on my cruel whim):

Men In Black, by Tim Scott, filks the ever-amusing "Men In Tights." Please try to picture, as the archivist does, Men In Black Tights. Doing the Can Can.

Every Morning, by Allison, filks "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray. Allison is extremely and consistently clever with her filks. Makes me sick, it does. But not sick enough to not give her credit.

Scully Is Everywhere, by Charlotte, filks a Mojo Nixon song called "Elvis Is Everywhere." This is the first filk I ever read, and the first I ever archived. *Sniffle* Oh, the memories. Plus, it's darned amusing. Mulllldeerrrrrrrr!!!!

Fight For Your Right to X-Files, by RJ, filks "Fight For Your Right to Party" by the Beastie Boys. It's one filk that jibes so well with the original song that it might as well have its own video. I mean, can't you just see Mulder down in the basement going, "Let's have a party. I hope no Men In Black show up."?

Inside A Spaceship (Mulder's Lament), by Skullhead, filks "Under the Boardwalk." I particularly like the bit about Mulder being tortured. Yum.

Spender In One Son, by Sunseeker, filks "Seasons In the Sun" by Terry Jacks. This song makes me giggle every time I think about it, and I think about it quite a bit, because one of my favorite punk bands does a cover of "Seasons in the Sun." We had joy, we had fun, *snerrrrkkkkk*

Home, by Jean and Jez, filks "Home on the Range." Jean and Jez are both very clever fic - writers, and they came up with this off the top of their heads. Yay to the J - girls!

Jerry Springer, by Serin. Serin is very clever. Serin can filk Shakespeare. It's true that Serin may have been in MENSA at one time. Bump and grind, CSM!

No Sex (In the Basement Office) by Pennyroyal Tea. It filks a song by Chris Rock called "No Sex (In the Champagne Room), and it amuses me mightily. Anything that says that Mulder's gonna die twice ... Go forth and read.

U.S.T. by RJ. Filks "Let It Be," by the Beatles. One of the great things about a good filk is its singability, and this one is totally singable.

The Smoker by Skullhead. Some things are so funny and clever that it's no use writing about them. But look at me, trying. This filks "The Raven" by our own dear American Goth, Mr. Poe. And it features CSM in alien-print boxers. Okay?

Rabbits Every Night by Skullhead. Filking "The Music of the Night." Being Evil. And loving every nasty, low-down moment of it. You have to admire that.