Filk of "Music of the Night" from "Phantom of the Opera"
(Webber and Rice)

Shippers madly start a celebration
Shocked noromos reach for medication
Sitters on the fences start mounting their defences...

"all things" teaser, Scully lookin' tender
Sweet noromos, fire up your blender...
Better drink and pray, cuz you're gonna have to pay 
Lost the bet, because the shippers, they were right...
They're doin' it like rabbits every night.

Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams!
Think of strawberry hair products galore!
Purse your lips, let those smoochy noises soar!
And you'll 'ship as you've never 'shipped before.

Dear noromos, there's no need to cower
Time you knew...they're bonking in the shower.
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind,
In this darkness which you know you cannot fight -
The darkness of the monkey lurve each night.

Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world!
Think of sex on the hardwood kitchen floor!
They'll get married and buy a new Humvee!
Picket fences time, we guarantee.

Smooching, stripping, rabid fornication!
No protection, baby germination! 
Let the 'ship begin,
Let your darker side give in
To the power of the sweetness and the light.
The power of the lovin' every night.

Neener neener neener, we were right!
They're doin' it like rabbits every niiiiiiight!

Oh yeah, I'm so evil

Author: Skullhead

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