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Welcome to the web of two cyberfriends, Henrik and Berni. We met somewhere in cyberspace at the end of the second millennium. Henrik comes from Sweden, but lives in Amsterdam in The Netherlands since 1982. Berni, who comes from Liverpool, England, has been living in a small Catalan town called Capellades, some fifty kilometres inland from Barcelona since 1986.  We have still not met "in real life"...but we're working on it.  Anyway, after some hundred postings to each other about every day life, music, bilingualism, raising children, politics...(we could go on here but we don't want to bore you)...we decided to to build a web together. Our main aim is to make it an information resource for parents and others who are raising children in two languages (or more). We are both members of an international mailinglist on this subject, and much of the information on our "bilingual pages" comes from list-members all over the world.

For anyone who passes by and has got questions about bilingualism we hope that these pages will be useful. To be able to improve the sites we are always happy to receive suggestions, criticism, tips and feedback. You can do that by sending a mail either to Berni or Henrik or by signing our Guest Book. If you just want to have a look at the guestbook click here.

So long - see you later, hasta la vista, ens veurem, vi ses, tot ziens!

Berni Armstrong            Henrik Holm
Capellades                      Amsterdam
Spain                             The Netherlands

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