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General Bilingual Issues

The following sites were recommended by list members as having something useful to add to the debates about Bilingual Language acquisition:

Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa made a large collection of web-resources, articles and books. Check it out at She's also the author of the book "Raising Multilingual Children". It wasn't reviewed by any listmember yet, but if someone has read it please send a review to Henrik, then we can place it here.

This website apparently has an interesting article about Bilingual Acquisition...
So does this one...

These are reputed to be some helpful pages.

Discussions on Bilingual Issues?  Current Recommendations from members include:
Michael Clyne on Bringing up Children Bilingually

If you live in the United States of America you might try signing up on the Multilingual Munchkins Playgroup Database.  It's a free service intended to bring together speakers of the same languages within a 50-mile radius in the United States.

If you're interested in reading more about the "teaching reading" debate there are all kinds of
sources on the Web.  A couple recommended by a list member are:
Reading Debate 01

Reading Debate 02

A while ago someone asked about when kids should be saying which sounds, Ida found the following website on the issue

Click on these links if you're interested in reading more about "Back to Basics" education, as well as part of the ongoing search for improved teaching methods and curriculum.

If the issue of "fact-based" vs. "skills-based" education interests you, why not take a look at E. D. Hirsch's book "The Schools We Need and Why We Don't Have Them."  Although you may not agree entirely with everything he says, it is not difficult to disagree with him when he concludes that for roughly the past 20 years, education in the U.S. has gotten a little farther away from fact-based learning than perhaps it should have.  To get an idea of what his philosophy of education is all about, check out the Core Knowledge website.

Another book that comes highly recommended by a list member is:
The book "The Out of Sync Child"

While we're on the subject of education - a list member states:
"I came across this info in the Journal of Higher Education. I haven't
checked it out myself, but the article/review was fairly positive."
A connected CD-ROM can apparently be ordered here  for US $56.45.

Larissa does not know if this page will be helpful to anybody.  But she found it and wants to share her discovery.

Thomas Alexander shared his thoughts with us recently on a book, "Talking with your child", read his review of it.

Adriana tells us about some bilingual education resouces information that might be useful,
here is the link:

Nataliya came across a short article on bilingualism she wanted to share with the list.

Rachel in St Etienne came across a resource we might all be interested in it is: "TheBilingual Family Newsletter". (another one :-)
There is apparently a "Contacts" section in the back where you can place an ad asking
for the exact information you want. You can receive a free sample of a recent issue, 3 different ways: via their website
or via e-mail
or via snail mail:
Multilingual Matters
Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall, Victoria Rd,
Clevedon, England BS21 7HH

One of our active members runs Multilingual Munchkins and recently announced the availability of a book that  "Munchkins" will be offering:

Growing up with Two Languages: A Practical Guide
by Una Cunningham-Andersson and Staffan Andersson
Routledge 1999. ISBN 0-415-21257-X

It costs $10.89 + shipping and handling costs.  They are more than happy to ship the books bookrate which is also a savings (although it does take anywhere from 3 to 10 days within the US).  If you are interested in purchasing this book please email them directly here with your mailing address so that they can calculate shipping costs.

Munchkins also note that they, like us, are putting together a website of resources for parent's raising their children with more than one language.  If you have a similar site and you want it mentioned on the Munchkins site too, let them know directly at the above e-mail link.   If you want it mentioned on this site write to Henrik or Berni

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Last Updated 5th January 2001