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If you have doubts about the English Language... you may be able to resolve at least some of them at one of the sites recommended below:

Information about English spelling/grammar

can be found at these sites:  besides dictionaries, it has a thesaurus link,
translations between English and other languages and lots of other
interesting stuff.

An interesting site on Common Errors in English is -

In defense of the predictability of English spelling....
Is English quite as crazy as you thought?
Try reading about the Spalding Method

"I think it would be a great help for those teaching
children how to write and read English"  - a list member.

Interested in English spelling? Here's some exercises & quizzes
for learning & practicing.

Themes such as the old secretary myth...

Here is the difference between "language" and "dialect"
as THOS Alexander understands it.

Here is a Real Audio site which has an explanation, exercises, & quizzes
for practicing your English.  The pronunciation is American English.

Here you'll find a poem illustrating some of the pitfalls of English.  English as a Second Language Speakers might need to ask "Native" speakers to explain one or two lines ;-)

Bedtime Stories

For everybody who speaks English OPOL or English ml@h with their children the page at the other end of this link offers some bedtime stories to look at and/or print off.

The member supplying this information had also heard of the following sites, but had not personally tried either of them:

Candleight Stories

Family Play Stories

Tibor's English for Babies and Toddlers Resource Page


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Last Updated 1st February 2000