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Hasan was a very heavy headed boy. His father was a middle situationed man.
To make his son read in good schools he did everything coming from his hand.
 He took everything to eye. His mother was a house woman. Every job used to
come from her hand. In making food there was no one on top of her.
The taste of the observations(gozleme) she made you eat your fingers.
 This woman made her hair a brush for her son. When Hasan became sick, she
cried her two eyes two fountains. When Hasan finished lycee he wanted to be
 a tooth doctor, and he entered the university exams and won Tootherness
  School. In the school he met Jale. Hasan was hit to Jale in first
look but  Jale was not hit to him in the first look. However her blood boiled to him.
 A few weeks later they cooked the job. Jale's father was a  money-father.
  He turned the corner many years ago by making dreamy export. But Jale was not
  like her father. She was a very low hearted girl. Her father was wanting to
 make her marry to his soldierness friend's son Abdurrahim. Abdurrahim
  finished first school and didn't read later. He became a rough uncle.
  He started to turn dirty jobs when he was a crazy blooded man. He was his
  mother's eye. He said, "HIK" and he fell from his father's nose. So three
  under, five up he was like his father. When he saw Jale, he put eye to  her.
  His inside went. His mouth got watered. His eyes opened like a fortune
  stone. To be able to see Jale, Hasan's inside was eating his inside.
  Finally, together they went to a park. When they were wrinkling in the
 park, Abdurrahim saw them. First he pulled a deep inside. And then his eyes
  turned.He couldn't control himself. He wanted to send them to the village
  with wood, but he collected himself. He decided to leave them head to head.
 At that moment the devil poked him. He fit to the devil, pulled hisgun
  and fired. However, a man passing stayed under lead rain and poorman went to
  who hit. He planted the horseshoes. Then the mirrorless' came. They took all of
  them under eye. Jale's inside was blood crying. The man died eye seeing