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Shannara Book Summery

Shannara Trilogy Series

The Sword of Shannara

Published in 1977, The Sword of Shannara 
served as the first of author Terry Brooks ventures into the Four 
Lands. Shea Ohmsford (adopted by the Ohmsford family) and his 
brother Flick are visited by Allanon at their home in Shady Vale.  
He tells Shea that he is a son of the House of Shannara   (a 
half-son only because his mother was of the Race of Man).  This
ancient Elven family had been the rulers of the Elves for many years.  
Jerle Shannara was his distant relative and it was he who was given 
the Sword of Shannara by the Druid Bremen for the battle against the 
Trolls.  Now the rebel Druid Brona  has appeared 
again in the Skull Kingdom of the Northland.  Brona has killed all 
the  sons of the House of Shannara because of the legend of the 
sword-- it states that a Son of the House of Shannara would come forth 
to take up the Sword against him.  Brona didn't know about Shea 
because he had been raised with the race of Man in the Southland, not 
with the Elves. Allanon tells Shea there is no immediate danger, but 
soon a Skull Bearer is seen in Shady Vale  with the obvious purpose 
of killing Shea.  Skull Bearers are evil servants of the Dark Lord 
and are inherently dangerous, to say the least!  And so begins this 
story which also introduces some of my favorite characters such as 
Menion Leah, Panamon Creel, and Hendel the Dwarf.  

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