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Welcome to the Shannara Polls!

Shannara Hall of Fame

Favorite Character: Wil Ohmsford
Honorable Mentions: Stee Jans, Allanon, and Menion Leah

Favorite Book: Sword of Shannara
Honorable Mentions: Elfstones of Shannara

Favorite Battle: Elves vs. Demons
Honorable Mentions: The Border Legion vs. The Warlock Lord Army

Favorite Talisman(s): Elfstones
Honorable Mentions: Sword of Shannara, Sword of Leah

Favorite Race: Elves
Honorable Mentions: Dwarves, Trolls

Favorite Area: Westland/Arborlon
Honorable Mentions: Paranor, Shady Vale, and the Anar

Should Terry Brooks Continue w/Shannara: YES!

(By the way, I heard a rumor of 2 NEW Shannara books to be released in 2000 and 2001! Both about Walker Boh!)

Thanks for all the votes!

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Tim and Greg Hildebrandt produced the original paintings for the images included here, and they own the copyright for them. There is a real on-line gallery of Hildebrandt Brothers Art (which is for sale) located at

The images that are black and white were that way in the book. Only the cover and a single fold-out picture in the middle of the book were in color.

1 size 34K

2 size 41K

3 size 16K

4 size 11K

5 size 45K

6 size 35K

7 size 32K

8 size 34K

  1. Allanon Recounts the History of the Races and the Legend of the Sword of Shannara (34K)
  2. The Elven Brothers Fight Off an Attack of Gnomes in the Great Hall at Druid's Keep (41K)
  3. The Seekers of the Sword (16K)
  4. Cover Art for The Sword of Shannara (11K)
  5. Shirl Assists Menion to Safety at Her Father's House (45K)
  6. Shea's First View of the Skull Kingdom (35K)
  7. Stenmin Stabs Palance Buckhannah in the Dungeons (32K)
  8. Shea Discovers the Power of the Sword (34K)

    Click here for a fairly detailed map of the four lands in Shannara

    Favorate Charactor:

    Favorate Book:

    Favorate Battle:

    Favorate Talisman:

    Favorate Race:

    Favorite Area:

    Any additional comments, or new areas you think that I should add.

    A summary of The "Sword of Shannara"

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