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Rules & Regulations

The requirements for joining our clan are as the following. You must abide by the rules at all times will on Heat, or do anything in the name of our clan.

# 1
First of all, you must be a member of Heat.Net, which is free. And if you aren't, join now.
# 2
You must, of course, have warcraft somehow installed on your computer, so you will be able to play it. Check out the Warcraft patches and updates pages at for resources.
# 3
You must have good conduct and sportmanship. If you win, don't "flame" them, cause they feel bad already, and if you lose, don't start whining either.
# 4
As a member, always uphold and defend the clan at all times. If someone says false information about our clan, please correct them, and if someone offends our clan, try your best to defend it. Remember, we are brothers and sisters.
# 5
No bragging or misuse of language. Do not start a commotion for it will only bring us and you a bad reputation.
# 6
Even though, it is not restricted, but participating in other clans is NOT recommended. If you already are in any other clan, that prohibites you from joining other clans, please do not break their rules to join us either.