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This is The Fanasy Alliance homepage, mainly for members or members soon to be, this site contains the awnsers to the rings most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

1. You must have a Fantasy, RPG, or Anime-related webpage on the internet.

2. You must save the two Fantasy Alliance WEBRING graphics and FTP them to the your webpage directory. or ask someone already in the web ring if you can use their web1.gif and web2.jpg, and FTP them to the your webpage directory.

3. You must copy one of the two HTML documents for the Fantasy Alliance WEBRING into your page's HTML coding. Click HERE for more info.

4. You must fill out the entire form below and submit it. Remember to write down your ID# when you get it.

5. Once you receive an ID#, you must change the HTML coding for the Fantasy Alliance WEBRING on your page so that your ID# is placed in the URLs for NEXT, SKIP, NEXT 5, PREV, and RANDOM, as well as the NEXT SITE graphic. Your ID# is required in these places, so that the integrity of the ring will be ensured.

6. After all of this has been completed, you must E-mail someone else who has a page in the Fantasy Allicance WebRing, and ask them to add you to the ring (you would only be in the Queue at the time). You must include your ID# and site address. If the member finds your site to be worthy and qualified, you will be added to the ring!

7. One more thing, once you have submitted the form, you have one week to change the HTML coding so that your ID# is included, as well as E-mail someone, or else your page shall be deleted from the Queue!!

- To add someone else's site to the Squaresoft WebRing from the Queue, click HERE.

Submit site to The Fantasy Alliance WebRing

Submit site to The Fantasy Alliance WebRing

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