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"The Elven Ranks"


Elven Prince

The Ruler of the Elven People is Elven Prince, his parents were killed by a troll/orc raid on the Elven Capital he is the only one left of the royal blood line, and he has pledged to avenge their deaths


Loden (Arborlon)

Dandin (Quel'thalas)

RandomDigit (Shannara)

When Elven Prince asked the Elven High Council to go to war few were with him, however these Leaders stood by him, hopefully other houses will be inspired to join the fight when they see their heiroisim.

There responsabilities include; searching for new recruits (only they can do this) and test them for membership, and when the clan is challenged they are the ones to fight beside Elven Prince

Honor Guard

Codassassin (Quel'thalas)

The most formitable warriors in the Elven Kingdom, they can slip easily through any armies ranks, are the most magical of all elves (except for the Elven Mages) they are also the Rulers personal guards, they've seen a lot of action.


Merlin2u (Quel'thalas)

In a class of there own these Elves are the most adapt with magic of the lands, although they are not as strong as others their magics make up for more than enough (they are the ones who discovered invisivility.)


Red Sonia (Lothlorien)

Honor guards in training, they are studying magic, and are very precise with the long bow. Only about 5% make it to Honor Guard status


Zinphinin (Quel'thalas)


Paladins are holy warriors that aren't just bronze, they also have brains, they need them in order to defeat the death knights (their fallen brotherin possesed by dark magic) They are the best hand-to-hand fighters in the entire army.







Archers are the First step to the Elven army, although not the strongest, they are required for defense against dragons, and make a great offense when pared with Paladins