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Clan's Member List

If their email is unknown, you can always contact them, by mailing them at or ICQ.

Heat Name==== Quote================ E-mail================= ICQ #== House=== Rank
Elven Prince For everything there is a purpose  16102033 All Ruler
Loden  2857881 Arborlon Leader
Dandin atittude is everything   6093265 Quel'thalas Leader
RandomDigit Have no fear, I is here  17195821 Shannara Leader
Codassassin I vow honor as an Elven Ranger  17635313 Quel'thalas H-Guard
Red Sonia Feel my wraith  Lothlorien Ranger
Zinphinin  17412163 Quel'thalas Paladin
OgreMageWC There can be only one  15120600 Paladin
Stoneman69 Fubar  17906703 Archer
Masked Killer  Archer
Merlin2u The Mage with Rage  13080258 Archer
RaistlinX All shall perish at my command  12676578 Archer
Benny220   Archer
PathofPetz   17028203 Archer
MikeLight98   Archer
theRock000   Archer
Early   Archer
SezyMan Gaea Shall Triumph over all  75986519 Shannara :Archer