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Final Fantasy III 'World of Balance' Quiz(Easy)

  1. Who is Sabin's rival and the supposed murderer of Duncan?
  2. What is the password for the Secret Passage in South Figaro?
  3. What is the name of 'the greatest swordfighter in the world?'
  4. In Zozo, you speak to an Esper, what is this Espers' name?
  5. In the Magitek Factory, you see Kefka with two Espers. "I'm extracting magic.... and I'm going to revive the statues!" What is Kefka referring to?
    The Statues that created the world.
    The Statues that created magic.
    The Statues of three good gods.
  6. What is the 'monster bred for mass destruction'?
    Atma Weapon
    Esper Beast
    Doom Gaze
  7. Cid is antonished by the Magicite, what didn't he know until then?
    That an Esper's power can't be fully transvered until it has passed away...
    That the power of magic is gained at the expense of an Espers...
    That Magicite is alive...
  8. In Thamasa, a secret is being hidden, what is that secret?
    That they're secretly supporting the Espers in this war...
    That they can use magic...
    That they're hiding the Espers from the world...
  9. Who attacks the airship when you try to board the Floating Continent?
    Ultros and Chupon
    The IAF(Imperial Air Force)
  10. In the battle between Gesthal and Kefka, all of Gesthal's magic is ineffective... why?
    Gesthal had no more MP.
    Kefka gained magical defense from the statues.
    The statues absorb any magic sent their way.

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