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Characters of Final Fantasy III


Picture of Terra
A mysterious young women, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of magic...

Terra represents the rebirth of magic. She has abilities the likes of which no one has ever seen before. The evil army has tried to harness her magic powers, but the magic of the Espers will see to it that she will see to it that she will escape from the army's control.

Special Skill: Morph

When Terra learns more about herself and her origins, she will gain the ability to morph into a blazing, spirit-like creature. She'll have twice as much strength in her morph state as she has in her normal form.


Picture of Locke
Treasure hunter and trail-worn traveler, search the world over for relics of the past...

The great treasure hunter, Locke, doesn't mind breaking a few locks in his search for fortune and fame. Nevertheless, he'd rather be called a hero than a thief. Locke's strong will and cunning make him a good ally.

Special Skill: Steal ---> PowerUp Accessary: Thief Glove ---> Capture

Locke can actually take possessions from attacking enemies in the middle of a fight. His Steal skill will come in handy more than once as he lifts valuable items and sometimes, the clothes from off the backs of unsuspecting enemies.


Picture of Edgar
The young king of Figaro Castle, ally to the Empire, and a master design of machinery...

The King of Figaro castle is very handy with machinery and tools, making him a very valuable part of the team. He also fancies himself to be a ladies' man, but moves in that direction often result in failure.

Special Skill: Tools

Edgar's master of machinery turns out to be a very useful skill. He can use all eight Tools that are available throught out the adventure. Many of them can defeat an entire party enemies at once.


Picture of Mog!

Don't let his cute looks deceive you. The teddy bearlike Mog can fight with a vengence, especially when he has learned his powerful, magical dances. Mog is generally a peaceful creature, but he can make a big commotion on the dance floor.

I don't have pictures of the rest of the characters yet, so bear with me

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