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.....USS Esper
...............WHITMER, BRIAN
USS Esper
Name: Brian Whitmer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Morale Officer, USS Esper, Elven Fleet
Race: Human
Birth Place: Huntington, Utah, Earth
Parents: Teresa (human), Michael (Human)
Fillip, Seleste, Marc
Age: 25
Birthdate: January 17, 2389
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Assignment: Morale Officer, USS Beltar

Brian has always had a bit of a challenged life. Since he is all human, he has no special capabilities, besides those expected. He has had to work twice as hard as most, but has had quite a fun time doing it. He is quick-witted, and loves getting others so confused they don't know what to think, although not about important matters. He has never been married, or had much interest in women, as most on the Beltar were quite disgusting, and no bisexual activity was allowed in Star Fleet Acadamy. Brian excelled in the Acadamy, however, as the third in his class.

Brian has, as mentioned above, three siblings. Both Fillip and Seleste are currently attending Star Fleet Acadamy, and Brian is looking forward to the day when he can welcome them aboard the Esper, or a ship of his own. Marc, however, has a physical disfigurement, which does not allow him to have this blessing.

His original assignment on the Beltar was a bit rough. Beltar was one of those ship which was not exactly part of the federation, but claimed to be, just to get the benefits. He was shocked at how many people suffered from delusions and had had nervous breakdowns. All in all it was a terrible environment.

Brian is excited to now be transferred to the Esper and is hoping that this assignment will not be so abusive, as his previous patients had actually broken his arm twice, cracked his skull, and nearly strangled him. Luckily, most damages were removed, and have made him into a stonger person.

Lieutenant Commander Brian is anxious to begin working on the Esper. He feels this will train him and help him become more competent. His is looking forward to the time when he can be the captain of his own ship, and invite his brother and sister to join him.