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Welcome to the Elven Fleet

The Flag Ship of the Elven Fleet, the USS Esper

In the recent Battle of Vexid, the Elven Fleet was betrayed by one of the admirals temporarily assigned to the fleet, and most of the fleet was lost. Of those that returned, all but three had to be scrapped, as they were basically useless. Two of these were lost battling a Borg Cube near Ventax. The single remaining ship in the Elven Fleet is the USS Esper.It is an amazingly powerful ship, that was upgraded to Sovereign Class ship, and made flag ship of the Elven Fleet. For more information about the Esper, see the USS Esper stats page.
There are still many openings for the USS Esper, and there will be even more once some of the other ships are rebuilt. If you are interested in joining the Elven Fleet, please fill out the form below. and we'll see what we can do, Thanks.
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The USS Esper Specifications

The USS Esper's Crew Compliment

The USS Avenger

The USS Avenger Specifications

The USS Avenger's Crew Compliment

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