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.....USS Avenger

THE USS Avenger
USS Avenger
Registry: NCC-9541

Class: Omega Class
Assigned: Elven Fleet.

Class: Omega , Dreadnought (unofficialy) The Avenger is a omega class war cruiser that counts with 10 cruisers as fleet., Length: 685 meters, Decks: 26, Weight: 2,545,000 metric tons, Built Construction Start: 2358, Shakedown Cruise: 2367, Standard Cruise: Warp 7, Maximum Warp: Warp 9.63, Computer: Bio-Neural gel packs , Weapon systems: 8 missile launchers (missile types: proton torpedoes, concussion missiles, plasma torpedoes, anti-shield torpedoes) 4 phaser cannons, 30 laser minicannons for starfighter's agression. My cruiser has a total crew of 200. I also have Dragons (starfighters, a total of 40). Commanding Officer :Captain Lacle, Second in Command: Dusty Heisse, Third in Command: Yunter Creasson, BACKGROUND Survivor of the War between The League of Free Worlds and Draco System. The Avenger was one of the important cruisers on the fleet, when the war began with an attack to Bennay one of the planets of Galonigher, hopefully with the advantage of fighter squadrons and the Avenger the agressor was repelled, but this was just the beginning... The former leader of the Avenger: Commander Jeffer was killed in action when his fighter was destrroyed by friendly fire, trying to evade enemy missiles. The Avenger Make important attacks within Draco's cruisers. Draco conquered Alpha Centauri, where it was a rebellion between loyalist and revolutionaries, with this Draco began to win and the hard situation, provoqued a civil war in our lines. we discovered the traitors who were arrested, we finally made to Draco were The royal fleet was waiting for us. They separated and our fleet didn't encounter much resistant until we found their last mother cruiser known as the Super Titan, The Avenger with four more Dreadnoughts attempted the destruction of this vessel, the mission was a success, but only two dreadnoughts came back alive, one of them was the Avenger. The Captain of this vessel Lacle was promoted to admiral and the Avenger, Leader Of the League of Free Worlds Fleet. We know that Draco is trying to make contact with Earth.

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