Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille is another of the more renowned voice actors.

A few of her credits include Dot Warner, Hello Nurse, Marita Hippo, and Miss Flamiel from "Animaniacs", Babs Bunny of "Tiny Toon Adventures", the teacher on Casper (the animated series), Chip and Gadget of "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers", Opal Windbag and several extras from Darkwing Duck, Lady Bane of "Gummi Bears", Hey Arnold's Grandma, Cho-Cho, Pepper Mills, Toast, and World's Oldest Woman on "Histeria", Shenzi on "Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa", Charlotte from Rugrats, Aladdin's Queen Deluca of Mesmoria, and various voices on "The Simpsons" (esp. residents at the retirement home).

I first heard her as Opal Windbag when I was around 6, so I don't even remember watching the show, much less one specific character. I realized that Dot and Babs were the same long before I started actually paying attention, but it was much later when I found our who the talent was behind them. Kelly, my sis, was the first to recognize the connection between Babs and Charlotte, and even went so far as to saying that she thought they might also be Grandma. (My reply: "No way!") When Kel's suspicions were confirmed, I added her to my list of people to listen for. I recognized her on my own the first time at a family reunion. My cousin, uncle, and I were watching an episode of The Simpsons (don't remember which, but Homer was flushing springs down the toilet). When Bart and Lisa went to the nursing home, I heard her as one of the old ladies. "Oh, my gosh, it's Tress MacNeille!" I yelled. Needless to say, I got some weird looks from the others in the room.

She tends to do mostly older or totally insane characters (or both).

Ms. MacNeille was nominated for the 1995 Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in the Field of Animation for Dot Warner and the 1997 Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female in a Television Production for Debbie Douglas in "Freakazoid".

Thanks to Helga's Shrine to the Football Head for the picture.

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