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II. Poseidon

      Known as the god of sea, Poseidon is one of the six children of Cronus, who divided the power of the world after the unsuspected defeat of Cronus from his children. He arms himself with a trident that shook the earth and created earthquakes. He also settled himself on a palace made of coral and gems under the ocean.

      Poseidon was known as a very moody individual, and it was believed that his temper often reflected the condition of the oceans. In days when everything is going right for him, new lands were created on the water and sea conditions would absolutely be calm. Possibly because of the association between violent storms and the sea, Poseidon was often depicted in mythology as an angry, turbulent god. There are several myths in which the sea god reveals his terrible temper. For instance, Poseidon was relentless in his persecution of Odysseus after the hero blinded the god's son Polyphemus (details of the story can be found in Homer‘s work "Odyssey"). In addition, Poseidon was so furious with King Laomedon when he was denied payment for building the walls of Troy that the vengeful god sent a sea-monster to destroy the countryside as punishment. In addition to his reputation as a fighter, however, Poseidon was also a legendary lover. From his ill-fated affair with Medusa to his dalliance with the goddess Demeter, Poseidon proved that he could at times rival his notoriously promiscuous brother Zeus.