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Oklahoma State University  (

There are 89 reasons for us to feel great about OSU . I never read this list, but I am sure they are too few! + for me the international flavor to the life on-campus is one more thing to feel great about and an opportunity to get to know different cultures from all over the world that gives the international students like us a feel of Universal brotherhood.



                                                          About OSU

Oklahoma State University was founded on December 25, 1890, as Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, just twenty months after the Land Run of 1889. When the first students assembled for class on December 14, 1891, there were no buildings, no books, and no curriculum... Read More



Theta Pond

Theta Pond is great place to hang around on the OSU campus. Students go to Theta Pond to relax, study and enjoy the natural environment. Surrounded by the Centennial Gardens, Theta Pond beautifully complements the rest of the campus, whether alive with the colors of spring or graced with the snow of winter...



Stillwater has the entire Idyllic splendor of my dream town! No wonder why Kevin Arnold’s simple narration of his growing up in a suburban life makes us feel nostalgic!!!

About Stillwater

"Stillwater is one of Oklahoma’s most historic communities. It began officially on April 22, 1889, as thousands of homesteaders lined up from nearly as far west as Lake Carl Blackwell to past the present Fairlawn Cemetery on the east and rushed southward into the land know as the Stillwater Valley. Stillwater was one of the first towns settled...."

- D. Earl Newsom, author of “Stillwater – One Hundred Years of Memories” and “The Story of Exciting Payne County”.Read more about it...

      A map of Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions



Boomer Lake

Popular award-winning lake that is stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill perch, and channel cat for the fishing enthusiast. Other features include boat and dock fishing, grills, shelters, Frisbee golf, picnic tables, and a jogging trail...      more...

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