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2006 Russell B. Cheney 50K Results

All-Nighter leads Slugs back to Glory-days, as Slug contingent picks up steam! Or; Mud, blood, and beer --- well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

The Terrific Trio with Hitman What a day. In spite of the superior weather, we still managed to have a great time on the super-secret Slug course here in Central Delaware. While the governor, and John Clark; were no-shows, we did see the return of the All-Nighter and My Favorite Sluggette; to augment an outstanding field of old and new slugs. Leading the pack in a footrace with Rob Powell, was one our most experienced Army-slugs, Mr. Mark Crisman, who cruised in at 4:02. No doubt he cut us a break by not going under four, when he probably could have. For his kindness and generosity, he retains his "Slug, in good standing" status.

A bit back in the men's field were some other good performances. Rick Ryan, running for "Marathons for Hope" in support of our fallen war heroes brought home a solid third place finish. Also, Don Baun drove in from Ohio the night before just to earn the black slug shirt. And, he did it with honor and dignity; grinning and keeping a positive attitude the entire way in. Also, there was a Trail Dawg or two barkin' back in the pack. One of da'dawgs even went as far as to stumble, and get all dirty and bloody, in order to prove Slugworthy. She is a true trail runner, and earned that shirt today. Representing Nashville, and looking great while doing it was Ms. Angela "Slug-name to be announced the All-Nighter" Ivory. The women were led by a first time ultrarunner, Ms. Brittany Klimowicz, currently a senior at the University of Delaware. She kept moving and smiling the entire way, not once stopping for a slice of Russell's chocolate birthday cake.

And, that is why we were here on this day. To celebrate Mr. Russell B. Cheney's 65th birthday. And, all the Slugs were able to meet and greet him, as Brother Russell finished his 219th marathon/ultra. He was escorted most of the day, and to the finish line, by a fellow Los Angeles Legger, Charles "Hollywood" Sayles; and Larry "Mr. Excitement" Macon in his 280th-plus marathon/ultra finish. While all Slug events are special; this "terrible trio" of slugs made it more so than usual.

At the back; were the real slugs; the folks who are my personal heroes. And, this day they did not disappoint. Ms. Amanda "The Pokey Monster" Bundeck (in her first marathon effort), rolled, rumbled, and in the end crashed through the finish line in a sweet 7:33. Now it was no record Crazy Horse finish, but it definitely was respectable. For her efforts she received a bottle of Delaware's Finest Punkin Ale. Special note and appreciation should also be paid to Ms. Lisa Walton who performed her duties in a most awesome manner as the Race Director. Keeping this many slugs out of the clutches of Ranger Rick is no easy chore. But she got it done! And, for her efforts she has been named an honorary slug, and received the original t-shirt. Thanks Lisa!!!

Happy Trails & Keep Runnin'
The Hitman

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Final Results-----Central Delaware-----Sept 30, 2006
1. Mark Crisman, MD 4:02
2. Rob Powell, OH 4:07
3. Rick Ryan, VA 4:16
4. Brittany Klimowicz, DE 4:34
5. Don Baun, OH 4:51
6. Pete McLaughlin, DE 4:55
7. Bridgett Sheehan, DE 5:10
8. Walt Prescott, GA 5:25
9. Derek Hills, MD 5:48
10. Kendall Prescott, GA 5:50
11. James Moore, MD 6:07
12. Angela Ivory, TN 6:45
13. Russell Cheney, CA 6:58
13. Larry Macon, GA 6:58
13. Charles Sayles, CA 6:58
16. Amanda Bundeck, DE 7:33

(17 Starters, 16 Finishers)