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This is my character. His name is Sylvanvamp. In Runescape, although he is consider to have average stats, he is very well known and respected.

Runescape is a game much like real life itself. Much of it doesn't make sense and there is no story line whatsoever. Just follow the game play rules and do as you like. You can even kill other players in the wilderness. My kind of game!

To check it out for yourself, visit:

The Runescape Homepage

  • Resume (my résumé...only read this page if you are extremely bored...or boring.) 
  • Retarded Animal Babies (These guys are a trip and a half!) 
  • Runescape (a game I play during most of my CIS classes but click here to return to my home page :-) 
  • Kittens (Huh? What's this? This isn't supposed to be here...)

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