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Joshua R. Wagner

Objective  To obtain a job in the computer field.

2003                            Selma Funeral Home                                   Selma, AL


Graduated from Boiling Springs High in 1999

Computer Experience

 12 years of playing around have finally payed off! Woo Hoo!

Various Application Software and Programming Classes from Wallace Community College Selma Including: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and C++


 Work, work, work

Playing any game in the Final Fantasy Series


May 1998- June 2000             Pizza Hut in Carlisle, PA

Various duties included cooking, waiting and bussing tables, and delivery

June 2000 - January 2001      Millbrook Distribution Services

Duties included meeting with store detectives, filling in for other sales reps, and traveling across our area to meet with various store managers and Set Team Leaders

March 2001 - August 2002    Altadis USA - Phillies Cigar Division

Duties included keeping cigar machines and machines operators well stocked

August 2002 - Present            Mutt's Pizza and Wings

Duties include cooking, waiting and bussing tables, and various other restaurant responsibilities


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