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"Project Writers Unite"
Writing Exercises

At every meeting we try to have a writing exercise to help our members think and/or rethink about the work they are doing by focusing on a specific element of writing or by helping them rethink how they develop the things they write. As a service to our members, PWU will post the writing exercise(s) from our most recent meeting on the web.

Our Featured Writing Exercises Our:

Fantasia Writing
This is an exercise I use to get new ideas. Inspired by the opening scene from Fantasia, this exercise starts off by sitting down and listening to a piece of music. It can be any song you want. I prefer to use instrumental pieces, but songs with lyrics are good too. It's best to listen to one piece at a time. After the song is finished, you can replay the song again and write what comes into your mind as you listen to it.

From Line(s) To Scene(s)
This is a good for creating a scene. First, Come up with somer random lines. Then pick one and use it to start a scene, end a scene, or use it somewhere in the middle of your scene.

In the past we have had discussion on the following aspects of writing: Character Development, Imagery, Plot, Setting Vs, Scene, and Dialogue. If you wish to see these discussion exercises, go to the "Files Section" of the Yahoo Group to download them.

PWU has also compiled a list of all our writing exercises for the use of our members. This list will be updated with every PWU metting.
Click here to download a list of all of our exercises. Click here to download examples of these exercises.

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