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The following are all screens of the basement to a new buyable/earnable house I have created which will be located in my new town of Mulhren due to all the negative feedback I got about Placing it in Balmora.

a nice little tree
The circle of
armor mannequins

Mr. Perrywinkle

Fire place
wide angle
shot of the bar.

These are some screens of my UPDATED JukeBox. You can download the UPDATED beta but you'll have to put the music in yourself, wavs are too big to put on this site.

my personal pattented
Dwemer JukeBox
Close view of the
JukeBox, Click to activate.

These screens come from Mulhren, my new hlallu Town. there are 13 new houses and more new NPCs. The town still looks a bit empty but im working on making it feel just as alive as all the other towns on vvardenfel. There will be at least a few new quests, probably several as well as a compelling storyline. The city is located just north of Caldera.

Mulhren in TES:CS
Mulhren's location
relative to Caldera
Another arial,
this time in game
In this view you can see
the Fireside Pub w/ terrace

A nice little tree area

couple of houses
The Alchemist's Shop
with an ingrediant garden

Closeup of the garden
This is J'Shirra
in her store.

A finished ariel shot
Another shot of the
Alchemist's shop
A shot of Merl's
Magic Shop
Another shot in
the Magic Shop
This is in
the Fireside inn

the armorer's shop

just a nice room

Bad guys basement

Bad Guys Cave

cave storage!

I wasn't even sure if I was gonna show these to the peoples, but then my friend convinced me to. But to avoid spoilers, I'll leave out specifics. I hope these help wet your appetite for my Mod!

Not tellin

My lips are sealed!


Keep it Zipped

Last One

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