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Mega Man's Video Games

Listed below is nearly every Original series Mega Man game released. For upcoming Mega Man games, refer to the Upcoming games page.

As for cameos, I don't have a Cameo page. Watch for updates on the Main Page.

The game pages will be updated regularly. Not every Original series Mega Man game is listed here, but the main page is the place to look when I have new games.

Note: The list below is the games that I have, and you can expect hints for those games. Again, the place to check is the Main Page when I have new games. Once I have new games, they will be listed here, but will not have pages for at least two weeks.

Nintendo Entertainment System:

Mega Man
Mega Man Ending
Mega Man Ending Screenshots

Mega Man 2
Mega Man 2 Ending (Locked)
Mega Man 2 Ending Screenshots(Locked)

Mega Man 3

Mega Man 4 (Locked)

Mega Man 5 (Locked)

Mega Man 6 (Locked)

Super Nintendo:

Mega Man 7 (Locked)

Mega Man Soccer (Locked)

Playstation/Sega Saturn:

Mega Man 8 (Locked)


Mega Man Anniversary Collection (GCN/PS2)