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UML News

    NetBeans UML plug-in
    SDE for NetBeans is a UML modeling plug-in for NetBeans. It is the first UML integration for NetBeans. It supports all UML diagrams - class diagram, use case diagram, sequence diagram, collaboration digram and other UML diagrams. With its superior UML modeling features, SDE for NetBeans becomes an indispensable tool for Java developers ...
submitted by ProX
    Eclipse UML plug-in
    SDE is the first Eclipse UML modeling software. It support the lastest UML notation. It is very easy-to-use with good user interface. SDE also support Java round-trip engineering, use case modeling, XMI import/export ...
submitted by ProX
    Visual Paradigm for UML 3.0 - New Release
    VP-UML 3.0 has been released. New features include XMI importer, XMI exporter, DotNet Instant Reverse ...

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