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Stocky, cyborg demons that first appeared in the PC video game DOOM II: Hell On Earth.

Shortly after being spawned in the lower depths of Hell, a Mancubus' lower arms are surgically removed and replaced with large cannon barrels. These guns are then attached, via hoses that pass through the creature's upper arms, to a double tank assembly that is bolted to the Mancubus' spinal column. Once operational, suction pumps (powered by muscle contractions) built into this 'backpack' will draw a highly-flammable, viscous fluid, (that is internally produced by six specialized organs found within the Mancubus' abdominal cavity) through intravenous tubing, into these storage units. Both the cannon and tank controls are wired directly into the monster's nervous system by yet another gruesome operation, allowing a Mancubus to regulate and operate this equipment with the speed of thought. A 'completed' Mancubus uses this integrated weapon system to launch searing volleys of flaming death at its enemies. A concentrated barrage of these fireballs can reduce an unprotected human to ashes in seconds. Because the fuel for its projectiles is internally produced, and is replaced almost as quickly as it is used, a Mancubus has virtually unlimited ammunition. Dense, flabby flesh and duplicate vital organs allow Mancubi to withstand an unusually large amount of physical damage. This resistance to injury helps compensate for what they lack in speed. A Mancubus' striped skin helps it to blend into some environments.

Mancubi move very slowly because of their bulk; an agile opponent can easily run circles around them. Their large size also restricts their movements to relatively open areas. They simply cannot fit into small rooms and passages. Mancubi are not suited for close quarters combat because of their awkward size and slow reactions (even worse, at that range, their fireballs can pose as much of a danger to themselves as their intended target). Like any life process, the production of the incendiary secretion that the Mancubus uses as ammunition for its arm cannons requires energy to create; if a Mancubus is starving, sick, or injured, it's ability to produce this fluid will be compromised. A Mancubus can be badly burned, or killed outright, if the tanks on its back are ruptured by weapon fire and explode. Mancubi aren't terrible accurate with their shots, to compensate for this, they generally lay down a wide spread of fire while attempting to broil their target(s). Other demons can easily become victims of this overzealous use of firepower.

Cardboard, Styrofoam, bead fragments, electrical cord from a broken Sega Saturn controller, paper toweling, tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, permanent marker, acrylic paint, and latex paint.

17.5 cm/6.9 in. x 24.0 cm/9.4 in. (highest point x widest point)

Eight days. Construction began on 12/22/05 and ended on 12/29/05.

[Mid-construction photos of my Mancubus figure]
The photo on the top left is from the third day of construction. I started out with the head and then proceeded to make the legs. This is a little odd for me, as I usually don't jump from one part of the anatomy to another when I make a figure (i.e., normally, I would have proceeded to the upper body if I had finished the head/neck, rather than to the legs). The photo on the top right is from the fifth day of construction. About 70% of the body has been completed at this point and the legs have been added. The head has not been attached yet, it is only resting on top of the body. The bottom center photo is from the seventh day of construction. The 'flesh' portion of the Mancubus' body is completed and has received its first coat of paint.

Image of a Mancubus from the 'DOOM II: Hell On Earth' PC video game:

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