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  • Cacodemon Figures (DOOM & DOOM 64 versions)

  • Lost Soul Figure

  • Space Marine Action Figure

  • Arachnotron Figure

  • Arch-Vile Figure

  • Head Of John Romero Figure

  • Mancubus Figure

  • Revenant Action Figure

  • Cherub Action Figure

  • DOOM 3 Pain Elemental Redesign Illustration

  • Maggot Action Figure

  • Pinky Demon Figure

  • Vagary Action Figure

  • The Forgotten One Figure

  • Miscellaneous
  • Baron of Lost Souls Figure

  • DOOM: The Gathering Playing Card Deck

  • Demoness 2.5D Figure

  • Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse Action Figures

  • Death Knight Figure

  • Fiend Figure

  • Marine & Shambler 2.5D Figures

  • Quake: The Gathering Playing Card Deck (unfinished)

  • Rotfish Action Figure

  • Scrag Figure

  • Shambler Action Figure

  • Shub-Niggurath Figure

  • Spawn Figure

  • Vore Figure

  • Gremlin Action Figure

  • Berzerker Illustration

  • Brains Action Figure

  • Flyer Action Figure

  • Gunner Illustration

  • Icarus Illustration

  • Iron Maiden Illustrations

  • Resaurus Quake II Action Figures Web Page

  • Uriel 2.5D Figure
  • Übermutant Action Figure

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    This index was last updated on 1/2/13.