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Our First Home

Our plot of land From the moment we made our purchase on March 27, 1999,
we were so excited to watch our first home being built from
the ground up - right before our very eyes! It was so much fun
to choose the flooring materials, customize our kitchen, and add
the loft upstairs.
We felt so blessed to be able to make our house unique from
the very beginning! Praise God!
Builder: Shea Homes
Community: Visions at Somerset
City: La Mirada, CA
Model 3: The Chan Home (now The Yong Home!)

May standing in the future kitchen Waiting for stucco

Under Construction

Ivan standing in front of our nearly finished home

Just about finished and ready for move in!
October 23, 1999

Backyard Preparation Planter Bed
Backyard Improvements

Concrete Patio

Garden Flower Bed


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Mary's Little Lamb

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