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Some favorite people, events and memories.
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Special People

Friends and Family   Friends & Family

Farewell   Farewell to Friends and Family

Boubhan Chaitee   Meet Boubhan Chaitee


Belinda and her Bridesmaids   The Wedding of Belinda and Rex Morishita 2002

May's 26th Birthday   May's 26th Birthday 2002

Ivan's 27th Birthday   Ivan's 27th Birthday 2002

Los Angeles Lakers   Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks 2001

At Ann and Jose's Wedding   The Wedding of Ann and Jose Chang 2001

Ivan's 26th Birthday   Ivan's 26th Birthday 2001


CrossTrainers   CrossTrainers College Ministry

May's Small Group   May's Small Group 2000-2001


Our DTS Apartment   DTS Apartment

Dallas Winter   Dallas Ice Storm 2003

Our Home   Our First Home 1999-2002

Tom Cruise up close   Tom Cruise Sighting 1994

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