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Before ordering the Tax Collecor's Bible here's what you need to know!


On January 22nd, Alan was visited by Senior Investigator of the CRA Internal Affairs Division Security Directorate Jim M Wardhaugh (Telephone (613)957-2266, Cell (613)612-6182 Fax (613)954-2019). Jim revealed that the CCRA had obtained a copy of The Tax Collector's Bible and officially requested (under threat of police involvement) that all names, anecodotes and all details of policies and procedures be excised from the Tax Collector's Bible. Alan refused.

On January 29th, Alan was contacted by the Canadian Privacy Commission, (Nancy Parker 1-800-282-1376). She requested on behalf of the Canadian Government that the Tax Collector's Bible not be made available to Canadians. Again Alan refused.


But as a result of these intrusions we do not know how long he will be permitted to keep on publishing the

Tax Collecor's Bible


The Tax Collector's Bible is an 'E-book' published as a .pdf (Permanent Document Format) of new and never before published tax information.

Easily accessed and read using the power of Adobe.

The TCB is thirty-two chapters, five appendices and a glossary, over 450 pages (approx), with colour. If paper published the TCB would be in excess of 600 pages.

The Tax Collector's Bible is Internet Interactive. Click on the hypertext links in the book's text to visit relevant tax sites and to receive up to date tax news and tax information.

The cost of the Tax Collector's Bible is just $29.99. For your safety payment is accepted only through Paypal. Upon notification of payment being received this valuable book and tax resource will be sent to you directly to your e-mail inbox.

The Tax Collector's Bible is the best tax investment you will ever make. Even lawyers and accountants don't have access to this previously unpublished information.

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The Tax Collecor’s Bible