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Table of Contents

The Tax Collecor's Bible is over 400 pages of Tax Tips, Tax Tales and Tax Truhs.


Table of Contents

Part I – Behind Closed Doors – The Secrets of the Tax Collector

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 My Life as a Tax Collector

Chapter 3 Your Right of Confidentiality

Chapter 4 Just how many tax debtors are there?

Chapter 5 From A to C: Assessing to Collections

Chapter 6 Collection Restrictions and Legal Warnings

Chapter 7 Interest Charges: When to make a payment and when not to

Chapter 8 Minor Balance Tax Debts


Part II – Tricks of the Trade – How Collectors Collect and Debtors Frustrate

Chapter 9   Major Balance Tax Debts

Chapter 10 The Garnishment

Chapter 11 Executions, Writs and Certificates

Chapter 12 The Memorandum Assessment

Chapter 13 The Requirement for Information

Chapter 14 Jeopardy Assessments

Chapter 15  Bankruptcy and the Tax Collector

Chapter 16 Sundry Tax Debts

Chapter 17 Write-offs, Write Downs and Deferrals


Part III – Fighting Fire with Fire Your Rights

Chapter 18 Appealing Your Tax Assessment

Chapter 19 The Secrets of Fairness Legislation

Chapter 20 CRA-Service Complaints & the Taxpayers' Ombudsman

Chapter 21 Filing a Ministerial Complaint

Chapter 22 Auditing the Auditor

Chapter 23 The Tax Exile


  Part IV – The Big Picture – Filling in the Blanks

Chapter 24 The Tax Collector’s Perks

Chapter 25 Professional Advancement

Chapter 26 Revenue Canada College

Chapter 27 The Badge

Chapter 28CRA Psychology

Chapter 29 Tales from the Cubicle

Chapter 30 Criminally Speaking?


 Part V – In Conclusion – The Way Things Are and Just Might Be

Chapter 31 The Present

Chapter 32 The Future



                    The Structure of Tax Collection

                    The Pacific Region Memorandum

                    Martin Cauchon Ministerial Response Letter

                    CRA Taxation Operations Manual List

                    Canadian Taxpayer Bill of Rights



                    Tax Talk


Forms, Handbills, Tables, Charts and Letters

Garth Turner Letter

Dave Flinn Union of Taxation Employees Letter

Taxpayer Handbill

K. M. Burpee Memorandum

Information Commissioner Letter

Table: Nationwide Number of Delinquent Tax Debtors and Filers by TSO

Corporate (T2) Aging Table: Total Number of Corporate Tax Debtors

Corporate Aging Table: Total Dollar Value of all Corporate Tax Debts

Personal (T1) Aging Table: Total Number of Personal Tax Debtors

Personal Aging Table: Total Dollar Value of all Personal Tax Debts

All Revenues Aging Table: Total Number of Tax Debtors

All Revenues Aging Table: Total Dollar Value of all Tax Debts

Taxation Centres and their Affiliate TSO’s

Example of a CRA Requirement to File Notice

Example of a Demand to File Income Tax Return Notice

Table of Provincial and Territorial Collection Guidelines

Examples of CRA Legal Warning Letters

RCMP Request for Assistance Letter

The Statutory Set-off Notice

Example of a Requirement to Pay

John Jackson Authority to Issue Garnishment Memorandum

Requirement to Pay Non-Compliance Letter

Sheriff's Direction Letter

Memorandum Assessment Proposal Letter

Director’s Liability Pre-Assessment Proposal Letter

Director’s Liability Due Diligence Rejection Form Letter

Requirement for Information Cover Letter

Example of a Requirement for Information Letter: Bank

TSO Director’s Concurrence Requested Letter for a Requirement for Information

Example of a Request for Information Letter

Employee Questionnaire

Example of a Requirement for Information Letter: Lawyer

Example of Jeopardy Correspondence

Form T1520A: Recommendation for Deletion of Uncollectible Amount

Examples of Completed and Approved Form T1520A’s

CRA - Services Related Complaint Form

Taxpayers' Ombudsman Complaint Form

Herb Dhaliwal Ministerial Complaint Letter

Charlie Hardiman Expense Authority Letter

Terry Hale Travel Authority Letter

Competition Poster

Deborah Danis Competition Eligibility List

Don Collins Promotion Letter

A Selection of Revenue Canada Building Passes and Audit Passes

Gerry Troy Audit Pass Identification Letters (2)

TSO Alpha-Split Organization Chart

Collections Floor Plan: Toronto North TSO

CRA Regional Structure Chart

CRA Internal Structure Chart

CRA Policy and Systems Structure Chart (Emphasis on Tax Collections)

Structure Chart of a Typical TSO

The Ken Kerr Pacific Region Memorandum

The PSAC President Nycole Turmel’s Letter on Detax/Untax

The Rob Wright Memo – PSAC Against Tax Protesters (Detax)

The Rob Wright Letter to Nycole Turmel

The National Memorandum on Tax Protesters/Detax

The Nycole Turmel Legal Meeting Letter

The PSAC Lawyer Jacquie de Aguayo’s Legal Overview on Tax Protesters

Martin Cauchon Ministerial Response Letter



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