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About the author of the Tax Collecor's Bible


Alan Baggett is a Canadian who firmly believes in the possibility of making the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) less frightening by, for the first time ever, revealing exactly how the CRA works and what the rights of Canadians are.

Alan is a university graduate who took up employment with the CRA in July of 1991. His work experiences include all manner of investigations. T1, T2, T3, GST and Sundry taxes, bankruptcies and he acted as a liaison between the Department of Justice and the CRA and helped to pioneer the simultaneous collection of GST, T1, T2 and T4 taxation debts.

Alan researched standardized accounting procedures, served as a liaison between Revenue Collections and Computer Functions, helped develop the CCRA’s National Collections Call Centre and assisted in implementing the Revenue Enforcement Management Information and Tracking System (REMITS). Alan also authored the first drafts of policies and procedures for the National Collections Call Centre.

On January 22nd, Alan was visited by Senior Investigator of the CCRA Internal Affairs Division Security Directorate Jim M Wardhaugh (Telephone (613)957-2266, Cell (613)612-6182 Fax (613)954-2019). Jim revealed that the CCRA had obtained a copy of The Tax Collector's Bible and officially requested (under threat of police involvement) that all names, anecodotes and all details of policies and procedures be excised from the Tax Collector's Bible. Alan refused.

On January 29th, Alan was contacted by the Canadian Privacy Commission, (Nancy Parker 1-800-282-1376). She requested on behalf of the Canadian Government that the Tax Collector's Bible not be made available to Canadians. Again Alan refused.


But as a result of these intrusions we do not know how long he will be permitted to publish the

Tax Collecor's Bible


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