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Lionel Train

Dalucca Railroad Headquarters Nestled in a green, lush, shady, spot in East Texas, one might be invited to visit the Patrick Boy's Train Club House and the home of "The Dalucca Railroad". This quaint little building will become the home for the Patrick Boy's new 3-rail empire. Hey! In other words, the Dalucca Railroad is under construction .

Patrick Senior has put a lot of time into making this quaint little building ready for their new empire. The walls were sheet rocked, taped and painted a soft blue. They have framed the bench work that will become the foundation for their new 3-rail empire. Now when you have two kids, a job, soccer games, baby sitting, pre-school and all the other activities that go with raising 2 children, time is short. When they get a chance to work on their empire, time really flies.

Their 3-rail layout will be housed in a 17 feet by 24 feet room. If you can think of the letter "U" with bulb tops and bulge on one interior leg of the "U", you will get an idea what the bench work looks like.

The older of the Patrick Boys said, "Now I need to sit down and make a track plan." So with the loan of some computer software, the Patrick Boys can draw track plans for a while.

Now the younger Patrick Boy has had a train display in the house for quite some time. This is the standard 4 x 8 foot top on a nice stained table frame. Somehow they have managed to put 3 operating loops of track on this tabletop layout. Really!! I have pictures to prove it. Look on the next page.

The day I visited the Patrick Boys, the afternoon plans were to tear down the 4 x 8 foot display and start moving some of the salvage material to their club house. Almost all the material in the old 3-rail display will be used in the new design.

The Patrick Boys The senior Patrick has been selectively procuring buildings, accessories, track and needed running equipment for a year. He feels they have arrived at the next step in their 3-rail adventure.

I was glad to have been there to see the current train set up and to see the new clubhouse. I can imagine grand trains running through beautifully landscaped scenery. The Loblolly Team wishes them luck in the building of their new railroad empire. Remember guys, we can give you more advice than you may ever need!

So let's watch the pages of this web site as the Patrick Boys start building their new railroad. We hope you will visit their site from time to time to see the pictorial updates as this layout starts taking shape.

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