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Class List

Find your name on the list below and see what information we have for you. If we don't have your address and phone number please click on the Send Us You Address Link and fill out the form. This will allow us to send you updates for the upcoming reunion.

A-B | C-E | F-G | H-L | M-P| Q-R | S | T-Z
*Names are listed as maiden names.

Name Address Phone # Email
Hancock Margaret
Hausman Michelle
Hernandez Crissy
Hernandez Jo Ann
Hinojosa Juan
Hinojosa Nina
Hinojosa Sandra
Hoelscher Jason      
Hughes Carlos
Jeffers Scott
Karkoska (Nunn) Judy      
Kerr Erik
Klabunde Candi
Laskowski Sandra      
Leal Javier
Lerma Cecilia      
Lerma Laurie
Lerma Marissa
Lichtenberger George
Lichtenberger Ramiro
Liguez Tommy
Little Rebecca
Long Jason
Lopez Evelyn
Lopez Lisa
Lopez Marissa
Lopez Melissa
Lopez Monica      
Lopez Noe
Luna Lisa





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