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Class List

Find your name on the list below and see what information we have for you. If we don't have your address and phone number please click on the Send Us You Address Link and fill out the form. This will allow us to send you updates for the upcoming reunion.

A-B | C-E | F-G | H-L | M-P| Q-R | S | T-Z
*Names are listed as maiden names.

Name Address Phone # Email
Adami (Hoelscher) Tara
Aguire Gilda
Alfonso Albert
Almaraz Genoveva
Anderson Michael
Veillette (Appleby) Stephanie
Alex Arellano
Austin Deanna
* * *
Barrera Cynthia
Barrera Guadalupe
Barrera (Rogers) Noela
* * *
Barrera Roxanna
Barrera Victor
Bautista Abelardo
Baxter (Carr) Lana
Benavides Abelino
Benavides Adan
Benavides Laura
Benefield Crystal
Benefield Joe
Bentacourt Michael
Bishop James
* * *
Bocanegra Xavier
Brandt Steven
Bravo Stephanie
Briseno Jolene
Brown Bridget
Browning Jeffery
Buentello Benancio
Buentello Jo Anna      
Burgess Michael      





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