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Former Updates

This is where all former updates will be posted when I update....

Last Update: 5-22-03

Well, everybody, it's actually over. After seven seasons, one of the most amazing shows on television has come to an end... *sniffle* This isn't the end of the site, of course. I'll keep updating and putting up stuff about Angel (renewed for a fifth season- yay!) and things I don't have up for Buffy. Awww, I'm going to miss this show...

Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab

Last Update: 4-7-03

Totally Brand Spankin' New: Links updateI have a live journal now! Check it out if you're bored or something...

Last Update: 12-16-02

Totally Brand Spankin' New: SEASON SUMMARIES

Last Update: 9-25-02

Ok, so I'm a dirty, dirty liar. I said in July I was going to start updating more... and I lied. Horrible, I know. I'm so sorry. But I really am going to try to find time to update more! Seriously this time!

On a lighter note, I saw the season seven premiere last night... for those of you who have not yet seen it and don't want it spoiled, I won't reveal some of the stuff I really liked, especially at the end. I will, however, comment on a few things...

1.) Ok, Sunnydale High's new principal? Drool. I hope we see much, much more of him... heehee.

2.)When Xander was wearing a suit and Dawn called him 00Xander... that made me very happy. Hee. Cause, see, my last name is Bond, which is all tied into 007, and...oh, never mind. I'll stop being a dork now. Sorry. Hee. Anyway... Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


I'm working right now on some serious updating... I finally have time to do something! So in the next few weeks there should be much more frequent updates... Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


A few new links up... but not too much new. Hopefully, though, my teachers will let up on the kabundles (word I made up... isn't it lovely?) of homework soon and I'll get a chance to do more...Until next update! Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab



What's new this time? Well, character pages are still being worked on, but should be up soon.... and I'm going right now to put up a new poll... but besides that, not too much... Until next update! Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


Hi everybody! I've been working on character pages, so they should all be up soon... about a third of them are up now...Not much else, but I'm going right now to put up a new poll and get some new pictures, so... more soon!!! Until next update! Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


Oh, I'm depressed... I just heard Savage Garden, one of my favorite bands, has broken up... anyway, I haven't updated in about two months because I've been so busy, but I'm working on a lot of new stuff for the site... If I can only get it to work... Until next update!


Welcome, Scoobies! Not a ton new at this moment...but new things coming soon! I'm going to put up my story, Moonflower, about an empathic vampire, very soon... Plus much more! Also- Harry Potter Fans, I'm helping my sisters put together an Online Hogwarts- The Unofficial Hogwarts. It should be ready soon... check it out! Until next update... Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


Welcome, Scoobies! I just found some great cast and Whedon interviews at E! Online's Buffy Blowout- check it out! Plus, go to MSN to see the WandAwards results- Buffy slayed in nearly half the categories, and Angel didn't fare too badly, either... The new stuff here: Quizzes. Totally revamped main page. Tell me what you think- PLEASE! Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


Hola, Slayerettes, and welcome! Um, apparently there's been a problem with some of my e-mail links, so if you've had problems, I apologize profusely... they're fixed now. Just added: Quizzes! Yeah! There are three levels, depending on your slaying knowledge... I would suggest taking all three. *grin* Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


Hola, Slayerettes, and welcome! Well, I just watched the season finale... so I don't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, go here to read my reaction... Look around and (hopefully) enjoy!

Queen of Sarab


Hola, Slayerettes! I've been really busy lately, so I haven't had ANY time to work on this site in months, but I have a little time off and will definitely... try... to work on it. *grinning sheepishly* THERE ARE A LOT OF NEW PICS UP! PLEASE let me know if any of them aren't working... Anyway, e-mail me with any questions, comments, fanfiction... Look around and (hopefully) enjoy...

Queen of Sarab

9-24-00- Hey! My REVISED and COMPLETE story Vampyr is up on the fanfic page now...Oh, and I'm working on a new characters page and a page to put all former updates on so they don't have to just sit her useless. Anyway, that's about all...not much new on this update...Just thought I'd let you know I was still here and still working on my page...oh yeah, and I'm going to start having fanfic challenges fairly soon, so if you have any ideas for one, send them to me! My e-mail is

8-24-00? Guess what? My fanfic section is actually going to have stuff in it! I'm putting my story, which is not Buffy, but is about vampires, up, and a friend of mine is in the process of writing a reeeeally good fanfic...Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell everyone, but I'm having a section for stories about vampires and other supernatural creatures, and not only Buffy. So if you have a story like that you'd like up, just send it to me! Also, rememeber your story does not have to be completed to be put up- you can add to it anytime. And stories divided into chapters are fine, too, actually probably preferable. Ok, I think that's all for now... 'Bye!

7-29-00- Sooo much new stuff- A ton of new pics, now divided into galleries with thumbnails and everything! Joined a new webring, check it out, it's really cool...added a coupla links....oh, and my couples page, Buffy Love Connections, will be up soon, along with my character guide and episode page...I still need fanfics, too- I can always use fanfics. Also, I added this new logo, shich I made all by my little self (I'm very proud). I think that's about all for now... Have a great day, y'all!

7-18-00- Well, not much new on this update- I've got some new pics that'll be up soon, and I've joined a webring- if you like LJ Smith's books, check it out! Check back soon!

6-21-00? Hi, and welcome to my site! It's still fairly new, so it's pretty much under construction, but check it out and send me some feedback! I would really like to have a fanfic page, but I don't have any written and no one's sent me any yet. Please send me some! Ok, I think that's all for now...I'll update soon!

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