Sabra's Crochet Patterns
Welcome to my free patterns page.

OK, here are the rules. 1) Do not claim these patterns as your own. 2) Please do not sell products made from these patterns on-line, or offline if you happen to be in San Antonio. 3) Do not sell these patterns. Just about anything else is fair game, including linking directly to the patterns and selling products made from these patterns in your own locality (again, providing you're not in SA).

This page will be updated, but sporadically. Your best bet, if you like them that much, is to go to my blog, BellaLinda Crochets, & keep an eye out there. I will always post there when I update here, & you can take a gander at my other crochet projects if you're curious.

If you want to contact me with a question or if you see an error in my patterns, your best bet is to send me a PM at Crochetville (username Sabra) or e-mail me: Sabra. (I put a mailto link here fearlessly because that address is already overrun by spam, so please reference this site in your e-mail's subject line.)

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Beginner's Baby Set Hat
Beginner's Baby Set Shorts
Beginner's Baby Set Socks
Cabbage Patch Kid Baby Shirt
Cabbage Patch Kid Baby Overalls
' Full Triceratops Square
Triceratops Head Square
Turtle Motif
Snail Motif
Snake Motif
Super Easy Toddler Headband
Lovey the Octopus
Newborn Sailor Hat
Round Baby Blanket
Simple Heart Purse
New!Mommy's Milk Bottle Cover