Simple Heart Purses

Simple Heart Purse
This pattern is copyright 2007 Sabra Morse. Please see the main patterns page for more info on what you can & cannot do with this pattern & garments you make from it.

H hook Worsted weight yarn (samples use Caron's Simply Soft & Simply Soft Brites) yarn needle
Gauge Gauge for this project is unimportant. You're not going to wear it, are you?

Pattern notes: 1) I use a ch-1, HDC in first stitch to turn my rows instead of the more common Ch-2 counts as HDC. Do whatever you are comfortable with, though. I'm leaving that part out of the pattern so you don't get confused. 2) Decrease as follows--YO, draw up loop in first st. YO, draw through two loops on hook. YO, insert hook in next st. YO, draw through two loops on hook. YO, draw through all 3 loops on hook. Yes, that is a Double Crochet cluster stitch. It puts a curved edge on your heart. Just use it, trust me. 3) Ch-1 at the beginning of your decrease rows.

Heart (Make 2.)
Ch 2. 1) HDC once in 2nd chain from hook. 1hdc
2) HDC 3 times in the only st for previous row. 3hdc
3-13) HDC twice in first & last stitch of each row. HDC once in each stitch in between. 23hdc at end of row 13
14-17) HDC in each stitch across. 23 hdc

Shaping I am left-handed. It should not affect anything, but you may have to switch shaping on the first row.
18a) HDC in first 10 sts. Decline (as in pattern notes) over stitches 11 & 12. 11 hdc
19 - 21a) Decline over first & last stitch of each row. HDC in each stitch in between. At end of row 21a, finish off. 5hdc at end of row 21
18b) Join yarn with a slip stitch in stitch #12 on row 17 (you'll wind up with 2 different declines anchored on this stitch). Ch-1. Decline over that stitch & the next. HDC in each st across to the end. 11 hdc
19 - 21b) These rows are worked in the same manner as rows 19 - 21a.

Hold the hearts with WS together. Join yarn at the bottom point of the heart (the side of row one) with a slip stitch. SC evenly up the side of the hearts, being certain to keep the piece flat and work through both hearts at once. Once you reach the top of the side, either chain a handle (I used 40 chains, but the length is really up to you) or use the chainless SC method to make a sturdier handle. Sc down the other side of the heart. At the bottom, chain one and then join to the first SC with a slip stitch.
Finish off & weave in ends.