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VIDEO CONCEPT by Mary Bucek/Kim Smith/E. Nghiem:

Venus emerges from the ocean, looks down at floating trash, nearly faints in disgust. Walks around statues of Jesus and Buddha in museum, stops to admire nature paintings and kids' artwork on the environment (for samples, see: in contrast to stark photos of polluted waste sites. CLOSE-UP of Botticelli's Birth of Venus/Primavera at beginning and end of video, weeping . . .

Who Made This Mess More info on Three Gorges Dam:

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Vocals by Stephanie Lindsay [5 mb], (c) 2000, Tyler Esser, Producer.
Additional Vocals by Leanne Barker [2 mb], (c) 2000, Tyler Esser, Producer.

Why destroy another forest Or bleed another river dry Do we have to learn the hard way Killing oceans, ozone, blue sky Spending millions on a missile While a thousand children cry It's the waste we're making From our fuel demand It's the space we're taking We're abusing the land Irreversible damage It's so despicable This mess, this mess, unspeakable Who made this mess

Lord Jesus said to Buddha
How did humans get so lost
Won't they ever get the message
Be of one mind, one faith, one heart
Have compassion for the planet
I already paid the cost

'Thoughts Appear and Disappear Like the Image of a Bird Against the Sky"
Oil on canvas, 22" x 32" (c) CAD$1,600 / USD$1,200
It's their way of living That's just killing their health It's the cars they're driving As a symbol of wealth They're polluting their own nest It's one big death wish Who made this mess, no animal Makes such a mess, it's criminal

Only God can paint a redwood By a natural watershed, but He Can't regrow an ecosystem in a Forest already dead - no - We can't dump in streams and oceans Thinking everything's fine That's not the purpose Of God's design: It's-not a weapons tester A trash for plastic toys and Other hazardous disasters Absorbing toxic poisons The Earth is not a junkyard It's not degradable Who made this mess, incredible This great big mess

It's the way we treat the planet
It's our way of wreaking havoc

It's the cars we're driving
As a symbol of wealth
It's the way we're living
It's just killing our health
We're polluting our own nest
It's getting critical
This mess, this mess, so pitiful
Who made this mess, unlivable

It's our way of wreaking havoc
It's the way we trash the planet

'Adam and Eve Watch the Launching of a New Perfume'
- for friends at adbusters media foundation, save our environment, and texas greens.
Untitled Paintings by R. Sockey, Collages and Painting For Sale by Allan O'Marra,

More info on Three Gorges Dam:

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