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Stop! They're Logging Again

Download MP3 [6.5 mb] recorded by Stephanie Lindsay, Vocals
(c) 2000, Tyler Esser, Producer.
To play midi file [44K], click here.

[stomp! stomp!] [close up of logging boots] [chainsaw grinding] [stomp! stomp!] [close up of bird's legs, in a standoff] [various wildlife in a chorus line of tree voles, murrelets, spotted owls hooting in background]

the - for - est - is - our - home it's - not - a - log - ging - zone TREE VOLES (look down from treetops): I think they're logging again Destroying more trees And killing our friends (It's crazy) We might not look like much In-the food chain of life We're somebody's lunch So to lose just one species Is not good ecology (For anybody!) Stop! They're logging again The moment it starts It won't ever end Somebody help us Stop that damage they cause Taking corporate sa-a-a-aws To natural habitats SALMON AND SALAMANDERS: An ecosystem exists For thousands of years Till humans reduce Mother Nature to tears We cry, watching the waste Of glorious redwoods That can't be replaced WOODSY AND THE SPOTTED OWLS: Cuz the Head-WA-ters FO-rest Is full of creatures like me (Who need those trees, so) Don't - start - logging again Preserve all our homes Protect all our friends (You know ya gotta) Stop your corporate greed Taking more than you ne-e-e-ed From natural habitats This - used - to - be - our - home It's - now - a - bat-tle - zone

[INSERT CLIPS FROM RADIO INTERVIEWS: EXAMPLES: "Aren't the redwood trees protected?" "Only a small reserve. But the ecosystem depends on saving the entire Headwaters Forest. All 60,000 acres. Otherwise, the whole region will die out." "But I thought Pacific Lumber lost their license!" "They did stop logging, for a while. But not for long . . . ."]

EAGLES AND MARBLED MURRELETS: Don't start - logging again - it's no good For little birds - who live among the redwoods Stop! You - think you're above earthly laws But look - what - a-mess you cause Stop! They're logging again Destroying our homes And killing our friends (C'mon you gotta) [Stop that corporate greed [Taking more than you need [It's not your habitat [Don't start logging again [The moment it starts [It won't ever end [ (No way, ya gotta) Stop that damage you cause Breaking natural la-a-a-aws Respect the Environment

For a sample animated video on saving the environment visit the website at or email this link to a friend: A Bear Votes!

BUY BUY BUY Written for the Adbusters media contest

Click here to play midi file [24K].
For recording by Alex Naegele, Vocals,
(c) 2000 Tyler Esser, Producer, Download MP3 [6.5 mb].

VIDEO CONCEPT: same girl pops out of TV and print ads, chases guys around, tries to sell them things, while they run for their lives. For "Who Will Buy" Intro click here: BUY! BUY! [girl on TV the boy is watching matches girl in magazine he's holding]

I know cuz I'm a guy
They'll use a girl to catch my eye
Just flash that sexy smile
Yeah, baby, nice try

It's always the same ol' boobs
In magazines or on the tube
Too bad it's not the real thing
Stick to the truth

The more I have to SEE of ya
In the ME-dia
I recognize you'll lie lie lie to
Make me buy buy buy

"Lips in Synch" (c)

Don't wanna buy a thing from you 'nother young consumer that you're selling to You can't trick me Though you try try try to make me buy buy buy Ya wanna wear my wallet thin Just another fool that you're targeting Y'Keep on teasing me With crazy lies to make me buy buy buy

I-can't read a magazine
without your image in between
the pages selling software
to nicotine
I turn on my TV
false advertising's all I see
you try to turn me on
I'm turning you off

"Oldenburger and Chips" (c)

I see your face from place to place On a billboard space You're paid to tell me Any lie to make me buy buy buy Don't wanna buy another thing Manipulating me with your marketing You can't trick me Though you try try try to make me buy buy buy You want me for my credit card Wanna get my number so you're hitting hard Y'Keep enticing me With shameless lies to make me buy buy buy I'm-not a dummy you can train Sending impulse signals to arouse my brain WHY - STRIVE - for-an anorexic body type I don't NEED to buy your product to succeed in LIFE I don't wanna be a fool In your consumer pool Reaching for - a - real - GOOD BUY/GOOD BYE! [turns TV off]

Recorded materials (c) 2000 by Tyler Esser, Producer: Email Tyler Esser or call 281/894-4903 or 713/823-8080. (Serious inquiries only. Attention Deficit friendly.) Song Lyrics by Emily Nghiem 713/867-5998, Poetry Editor, Houston Progressive Webzine. Back to: Video Announcement, Redwood Songs, Political Parodies, Adbusters Media