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My Favorite Spoofs

Adbusters Media Foundation is sponsoring its annual ad spoof contest (deadline Dec. 1).

Click below for lyrics to music video spoofs on:

Britney Spears and NSYNC

Dancers, Lookalikes, and Production Crew wanted!
Help make music video history:

Contact Emily at 713/867-5998 (voice mail) or 465-0522 (school)
Or Ty Esser (Producer) at 281/894-4903 or 713/823-8080.

Here is the sound of a tree falling in the forest and/or Charles Hurwitz fainting at his desk at Maxxam Corporation:

Recycled Songs for the Redwoods

Here is the sound of one hand clapping (over each ear):

Terminator III: The Gospel According to Hollywood

Here is the sound of songs being satirized by the Half-Baked Institute for Political Parody (where satire is serious business!):

For more verbal abuse, please visit:
The Half-Baked Institute for Political Parody

Houston Progressive Webzine: Community Network for Arts, Education, and Activism
Sponsor of

Other Media Projects in Progress:

Feminist in Hollywood
Tree of Life Poetry Circle
Corporate Gentricide: The APV Story

Coming Soon: Women in Comedy Weblinks

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