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Gday to everyone who happens to stumble across my slice of netdom. I am 21 years old and work as a meat labourer. I have a lovely girlfriend, Janelle (Nell), as well as a younger brother, Danny, a younger sister, Michelle and of course my parents.

My name is Steve Forrest and I currently live in Dandynong but im origionally from the shire of Baw Baw in West Gippsland(Click for map)(milking country), Victoria, approx 100km east of Melbourne.

I am a keen member of the Country Fire Authority where I have gained many accreditations and much experience.

I also like radio scanning although I've only got a dodgy little scanner its all I need at the moment.

Anyone wanting to see pics of Spider and Gavs CRASH in Garfield can now see them in my pictures page.

Please have a look around at my other pages which are a bit more in depth about what I do.


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