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My Fire Site

This is my page dedicated to my interest in firefighting with the Country Fire Authority in Victoria Australia.

I am a volunteer firefighter in the Longwarry Fire Brigade, part of the Victorian Country Fire Authority.
It is a real family affair with my Dad, Mum and Sister all being involved a well.
We train twice a week and have a meeting once a month.
The "food chain" comprises of a Captain in control of the brigade, 4 Luietenants, a seceratary, a communications officer and unlimited firefighters.
There is also the Auxillary which help a great deal with fund-raising and providing refreshments etc. at long incidents.
All members of the brigade are invaluable and do a tremendous job!!!

Our main vehicle is a 3000 litre 2 wheel drive 6 seater Tanker
Specialist equipment on the Tanker consists of two sets of Breathing apparatus and a positive pressure fan.
We have just bought a Mazda Bravo 4X4 which we are currently raising funds to pay for.
This usually carries a quick fill pump, extra personell and forward-control \ communications equipment.

Through my training with the C.F.A I have attained
my "Workplace First Aid level 2" certificate,
my Breathing appartus wearer certificate,
leadership training and various other basic firefighting skills.

Murphys Laws of Fire Fighting

Some Fire photos